Poker tournaments are every skilled poker player’s delight. This is because tournaments not only mean bringing home more prize money but because tournaments give players the chance to compete against others and deduce their own skill level. It is but natural, for a player who loves to strategize and play as per his talent to be fond of a platform where h can experiment his moves on a larger scale and get established as a poker figure because of his startling analysis of the game and the sharp skills he displays through the medium of the game. For others its mere passion for the game and passion for winning their much-loved game that brings them to tournaments. But nowadays with the constant changes to make the game more alluring to the participants and the viewers there have been certain implementations that have been initiated to bring about variations in the online tournaments.
The basic principle behind poker tournaments is the fact that the participant has to keep playing from the very beginning constantly. Hence, often the moment the players ceases to play it is either that he has lost all the bets he placed or has won all the bets which includes the money he makes from other’s bets. Apart from this basic rule, today there have been variations implemented to most tournaments regarding playing methods and the guidelines that have to be followed.


Among the different types of poker tournaments you can find at, some of the common ones had options between single table tournaments and multi table tournaments. For those who wanted to opt for Free roll, there were options galore. The satellite and qualifier tournaments achieved quite a lot of fame, as were those that included Rebuy or Freezeout. The shootout, Sit and Go, Turbo and Steps were other types of Tournaments that were highly acclaimed by players. Further variations could be brought by merging the different types of tournaments together like holding a single table satellite tournament is possible.
Apart from the generic differences, the deviations implemented were often on the basis of the betting of the pot. In most games the strategy is revolved amount the bets and the raises that occur within a poker room or during the tournament. A fixed limit game calls for regulating the betting amount to particular limit. Here the player depends on when to bet and whether to bet during the game. Limit betting is essentially done in rounds where there are two types of bets a minimum bet and a maximum bet. No limit betting, as the name suggests in when there is no restriction on the size of the pot. The player can keep betting until he exhausts the cash he has on the gaming table irrespective of whether it is less or more than the cash prize. In the case of Pot limit, the betting is proportional to the geometric increase of the pot and depends entirely on it. Finally, spread limit betting encourages the player to bet within a certain spread or rang only. With the application of the different variations, poker tournaments have become more challenging as well as fun to play.

Music is involved in New Zealand’s culture and the country and is a form of expression. The music industry in the country originated from U.K with an influence of Europe and the U.S.A. However, the music in New Zealand is very different from other countries. In the early 20th century, the most famous genres in the country were hip hop and rock. However, this changed and several local artists came up with music in other genres including electronica, reggae and roots in the 21st century. The country has also seen a growth in the alternative rock genre and heavy metal has also grown in recent years.

Pop is another famous genre in New Zealand but is dominated by electro pop. One of the most famous songs in the history of the country was the pop song How Bizarre by the band OMC. It sold over 3 million records worldwide in the 90s.

The rock scene in the country began in 1960s and was heavily influenced by the British invasion. This led to several garage rock bands forming in the country and this grew over the years. However, not all these bands received international recognition and many of them even failed locally. The rock genre started growing after the year 2000 and now there are several popular rock bands which include Theearlybirds, midnight youth, opshop and the feelers. These are some of the most popular rock bands in the country today,

Heavy metal has been growing tremendously all over the world and this has influenced New Zealand as well. There are several bands which are influenced by death metal and these include 8 foot sativa, sinate, ulcerate.

The hip hop scene began in the 1970s and has been growing since. The early hip hop bands were not that good as the element of hip hop itself was missing. The most popular hip hop song in the country is Hip Hop Holiday which was performed by the band 3 The Hard Way. The single has been the bestselling single in the country up to date and also topped charts in Australia. However, the entire genre has changed as it is now mixed with reggae, electronica resulting in a very distinctive genre which is known as roots.

The alternative genre is another popular type of genre which is famous in New Zealand. This specific genre has received the most popularity along with the indie scene. However, there are claims that the entire alternative scene of the country was widely influenced by several rock bands in the U.S. Indie has also received massive popularity which is because of the support of student radio stations.

A new genre is music that people have seen is the gothic or the dark side in music. New Zealand has also adapted this genre which dates back to the early 70s. The gothic bands include children’s hour, the skeptics and winterland. Bands such as N.U.T.E were originally created in New Zealand but now receive and international popularity.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the issue of poker in New Zealand, you will know that they have deemed at one time that poker was considered gambling. Many have gone about to fight this and a new ruling has come about. As of late, they have deemed that in the eyes of New Zealand, poker is no longer considered to be gambling.

Don’t get your hopes too high though. When you play online poker, there are many they consider to be gambling. However, those that are .net companies are said not to be promoting gambling. Here is a case where that came up and a judge had to decide if this was legal or not.

This has gone to court before the judge known as David J. Harvey. He heard the case against and has found that they are not a threat to New Zealand. They don’t promote a certain gambling operator. They also don’t promote that those who live in New Zealand gamble overseas.

There were other things that he found not to be true. Some were saying that this was linked to the and that in conjunction they promoted gambling. Harvey has not found a direct link between the two which is why he also finds that it doesn’t promote gambling as well.

Last of all, with the APPT, he found that it doesn’t break the act. What he found was that it’s just like any other competition. You pay an entry fee. At the end of the game, you get money which is prize money. There are others where it’s all about how the end of the game goes. This is not the case.

Now, many of you might be wondering about what act Harvey was referring to. This act was the Gambling Act of 2003. This was started by the Department of Internal Affairs. What they have found is that holds no threat and that people can indeed play poker on .net sites. What started out that this site had advertisements which promoted overseas gambling is not true any longer. The judge has dropped all charges and their online poker is said to be cleared to play. This might make a lot of people very happy including the company behind

While New Zealand is making strides to legalize some poker playing sites, many other countries have banned them. Some of them only allow you to play .com or .net due to the practices of gambling which they promote. This is something that has been a controversial issue for many. Some might be confused as if online gambling is illegal in their country. However, one thing is for sure, gambling online has become a major thing which more and more are partaking in. many can see why as well. Many think that the ruling of David J. Harvey was a reasonable one and feel he made the right call while others somewhat wonder if it was the right call or not.

When you get together with your friends, you often play the music and talk about the most recent events at There is just something about listening to music while also playing the game. However, there are other things that you should know.

The first thing is that if you are going to listen to music, you don’t want the music to be too loud. The louder the music is; the more distracting this can be. It’s something that you want to be sure of as this can really help or hinder you depending on how loud you have your music.

Some people actually play music that doesn’t have any lyrics. Have you ever tried focusing when you have music or the television on in the background? There are many people who try writing when they are listening to music. Many of them have actually started writing the things that they were listening to. No matter how hard you don’t try and listen, you will still tune in.

Some of us get so into the music that we forget when we are supposed to go. It can really mess with a persons’ attention. There are some that like the music as they aren’t really fond of the eerie quiet that is around when you play, but sometimes, that eerie silence isn’t so bad for you.

The other reason that music isn’t played is not just because it will keep the game moving. Rather, it’s not played so that people can focus. If you play poker at Full Tilt then you know that part of playing poker means that you have to pay attention to the other players you are playing with. You want to focus on them and when you do, you will find that you can read their faces. There are times when a person might have a really bad hand and try playing it off to win the hand. If you are listening to music and not reading their poker faces then you will find that you could have missed such an opportunity. Keep this in mind.

Other times, there are some who say that music actually helps them to stay alert. This would be more for those who play poker at home. Sometimes when we are in front of the computer for long periods of time, we might zone out. The screen just sort of draws you in. So basically, the type of poker you are playing, where you are playing at, and how good you are at playing can determine if you can listen to music and what sort of music you can handle. You might not have thought that there could be that much to put into a game, but there really is. Music can really make or break you while you play. Yet, so many people don’t understand this and really wish that they had. So think about these factors to see if you can play while you are listening to your favorite tunes. Will it help or hinder you?

Online poker has become quite popular in the last few years and more people today prefer to play poker online at rather than playing it at a casino. Playing at an actual casino is very different than playing online and the strategies that are used are very different for both of these forms of poker. If you have just stared playing poker online, you would need to learn betting techniques specifically for online poker.

Betting strategies are very important
One of the most important factors that can be responsible for you success or failure at online poker is the betting strategy that you use. If you are still new to online poker, you would have to learn about betting in the right way. The tips that have been given here will help you better your betting strategies. With these strategies you would have better chances to be successful in online poker.

Bet confidently
As most professional poker players and experienced players know, bluffing is an element in poker which will take a lot of skill to master. There is an element of chance in poker, in land based casinos as well as online casinos. Your ability to be able to bluff well can offset the element of chance in poker when you have less than perfect cards. You should be aware when playing online poker that your opponents would be paying close attention to your betting techniques over the course of the game. They would be observing how you bet and so it would be important for you to bet confidently whether you have a good hand or not.

Change your betting techniques
During the course of a poker game, you should change your betting patterns and techniques several times. You would want to keep your opponents confused and you wouldn’t want yourself to be very obvious or predictable. As the game moves forward, you should employ a combination of betting techniques so that you would remain one step ahead of your opponents.

Study different techniques
Before you actually begin playing online poker, you should spend some time studying various betting techniques. There are several resources available today in the market that can offer you good information about the various types of betting techniques that can be used for poker. Books, online tips, articles as well as manuals are easily available. You can study some of these books, practice the betting techniques mentioned to see how comfortable you are using the techniques.

Online programs and software
Other than the books that are available, you will also be able to find various programs and full tilt poker software online that can help you make your betting strategies better. Several of these programs would provide you an analysis of your betting strategies as well as that of your opponents. This information can be very useful in the long run. Most of these programs are interactive and they would provide you various suggestions on what kind of betting strategies would be appropriate for you.

Being successful at online poker is all about exploiting the small and insignificant looking edges all the time. These small advantages will get you positive value in the game. This is the only thing that can help you secure steady winnings in long term scenario in the game. Creating such edges and spotting them is all about skills. While quite a lot of these small edges are actually a product of experience and skill, there are a few very useful ones that does not have much to do with the play. One of the best things about these edges is that very few players actually take the time to learn and implement them. This is a very easy strategy to learn and very useful.

Rakeback is a good example of one such edge which is off table. It would take no in game effort for you to enjoy the benefits of playing reduced rake game. It is not very difficult to guess exactly how much it would mean to the bankroll when you are playing. Depending on what kind of volume you play, the rakeback earnings can range from a couple of dollars to even thousands each month. This would be a constant edge for every single hand for which you put some money in the pot.

Specific games and situations where you can gain more advantage
Beating Omaha at PokerStar is actually very difficult when you are up against very tough players. However, things are different in Texas Hold’em games. In Hold’em you may even be able to earn your rakeback on the hands where you are being dealt but where you fold without contributing to the pot. There are special rakeback deals which are known as prop deals. These deals offer more value. These deals offer higher rake back that what you would generate as a player and thus you would actually end up being paid for playing the game. A rake back of 135% would earn you a clear profit of 35% on the rake that you contribute.

Would these deals be applicable for all?
Deals like these would come with a few restrictions and so they might not really be a good choice for everyone. The other off table edges are table and game selection. Most of the online players select the first table that they come across and play. However, online poker sites would offer excellent opportunities for table selection. It is only in online poker that it would be possible for you to sit on a table and observe and read without spending anything at all.

Several players don’t even take advantage of this edge. Table selection and game selection are very different. Game selection is about choosing the right pokerstars games like Razz, Stud, Omaha, Holdem etc. This is an important selection because it would make good sense to choose one game over the other, depending on the kind of opposition that you have in each game.

There are people who play poker all over the world at How you play in your own home town might be a bit different than how you play poker in another place. That is why we are here to help you for those of you who are playing poker in New Zealand. Here are some things that we thought you should know about playing poker in New Zealand.

They have many different tournaments just like countries such as the United States has. Just like these tournaments, you have to adhere to a few rules. What are some of those rules one might ask? Well, we are here to give you some answers.

Unlike other tournaments where you have to be eighteen years of age, in New Zealand you have to be twenty years of age. In some tournaments this differs so you do have to be aware. Make sure that no matter which tournament you are joining, you do read their rules to see if you qualify.

There is a certain type of game that you will be playing. This is also good to know when you go to play poker in other countries. When you join a tournament in New Zealand though, the type of poker that you will be playing is known as no limit hold’em.

In some cases, when you register and pay the money to sit at the table to play you will agree to other legalities. Such things might include that you wear that tournaments clothing and not the branded logo of another tournament. You also give them permission to use you and your name for promotional purposes.

You will find that New Zealand plays a few different games than what you might be used to. One such game is called the Australian four handed five hundred. Five hundred is known to be the national game of Australia. This is called five hundred because the teams to first reach five hundred wins. When you play this game which is normally played you will be teamed up. You will notice that the dealing and the bidding go clockwise. The dealer is chosen at random. There are many variations to this so when you go to play poker in New Zealand, you will really want to brush up on this game if you are going to play and win when you play.

You might find that with other variations which are used in New Zealand, the number of players might differ. With three players in New Zealand, a thirty three pack of cards is used. The seven is the smallest number. Then there are five players which use fifty three cards which includes the joker. There is also six players where sixty three cards are used When you play with five players, you might find that misere is banned, open misere is only worth two hundred and thirty points and super open misere is worth four hundred and thirty points. So, make sure you know the game when you are going to play and you will do fine.

Even after you master all the poker rules or at the very least have a decent grasp of its fundamentals—you still have a long way to go. Even if you know what you need to do in poker, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to do it; that’s a separate issue altogether that you’ll eventually have to address. Novices in poker will are required to experience how to alter poker mathematics by themselves during poker play in order to grasp this particular complexity; it’s a hands-on type of skill that’s hard to describe. Knowing the correct play and applying it in the middle of a no-holds-barred game are two different issues altogether. In order to be a decent poker player, you’ll need to know both. How you do your move may prove to be more important than just knowing what you’re supposed to do.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of the poker bluff, it’s now time to find out how to successfully employ it during a game. Any newbie is aware that a bluff is needed during certain parts of a poker game, but if he can’t do it on command or if it’s an easily readable bluff, then his awareness of this technique is useless. In terms of statistics, a player who bluffs and wins only fifteen percent of the time is obviously inferior to another player who bluffs and wins seventy-five percent of the time. More to the point, the player who’s able to apply bluffing with proper poker mathematics is the superior poker player.

Applying Poker Math to Bluffs

Even when they choose the same action, the one who has more poker math awareness wins in the end. For example, let’s say there’s a need for you to bluff on the river—an act that’s best executed during instances where your opponent is holding a busted hand yet your hand is still worse than his. From there, let’s imagine that you’re holding a busted straight draw, while you’re convinced that the other player has a busted Ace high flush draw. He has Ace high, you have Jack high, and there are over ten big bets within the pot. If you’re able to effectively bluff your way within the next few moves, your chances of winning the pot despite your current situation will increase exponentially.

Manipulating the mathematically best choices during a game is what defines a master poker player. To be more specific, you have to both know how to make the right choice and when to make the right choice in order to win, and applying poker math has a lot to do with making your choices count every time. A bluff is something all poker plays should know how to do, but there are still ways to make use of it better. In order to effectively and properly execute a bluff, you need to know the other factors in play or else just yield substandard returns and small change.

Poker is a fun game to play, but each year, people start getting addicted to poker games. So, how does one go about making sure that they don’t get addicted and they go about not losing all their money? There are some ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

The first tip to not losing too much money is to make sure that you go about and have a budget. Some people have a bank account that they put the money in if they know they are going to struggle with this. This means that when they look in this account, the money that is in there goes only for that.

Next, know when to quit. As you play, if you notice that you are having no luck, then you should work on walking away. There is nothing wrong with that. You want to be sure that you go about and know when your luck has run out. If you find that you are getting annoyed or that you are going to start drinking or things like that which could take away from your mental status, it’s time to leave.

Others will tell you to avoid sticky situations. For instance, make sure that you are good for the money. Some choose one day that they are going to go about to play poker. Before they do that, they pay their cable bills and set aside money for other things that might pop up. Remember to put needs first before you use any money for poker which should come second many times. This way then you know you have the money and not putting yourself in the poorhouse.

Some will tell you not to go about and play if you aren’t feeling right. There are a few situations where it might not be wise to play. For starters, it’s proven that if you drink large amounts, then one shouldn’t be playing. If you are tired you shouldn’t really be playing either. The thing with both of these is that your mind is altered. Therefore, you can’t strategize like you need to in order to play well.

The other time when you shouldn’t be playing is when you are in a bad mood. We have seen this all too well. We have found that often times, people go to play this game when they have had a bad day. When they lose a hand, they don’t stop, but get frustrated with the fact that they have lost. This then causes them to make irrational decisions which end up causing them to lose further hands and money at that.

Knowing these will help people in the long run. It’s not bad to gamble on sites like pokerstars. However, there are times that it’s rather easy for anyone to do something that could cost them greatly which is why we have such a huge need for gambling programs. Use these tips and you will be just fine. There are many people who could have prevented themselves from losing so much if they had just taken the time to learn the game and to pace themselves as they play.

If you like indie pop music, then you is going to love this band. The Ruby Suns originated in New Zealand. It was in 2004 that this group became a band. It started with a man named Ryan McPhun. He had moved to Auckland. There, he played in several bands. They were: The Brunettes and The Tokey Tones to name a few of them.

The band had started out as just Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns. It wasn’t until the year 2006 though that they changed their name; they had changed it to just plain old Ruby Suns. You will see that they have a signed contract with Lil Chief Records which is located in New Zealand. They are also signed with Memphis Industries which is located in Britain.

Many have seen them in concert as they have traveled all over Europe in 2007 as this was their first road trip. It was their debut album which was self titled which they were supporting when they took this trip. Later throughout their tour, they had toured with the Shins throughout Australia.

Since 2007 though, they have been signed with the American record label known as the Sub Pop. You might have heard about the second album that they have come out with. This was called Sea Lion. This was put out in January of 2008.

They have even done some charity work. This works for them as well as for the organization which they are trying to promote. They had written the song called Don’t Touch the Dusty Fruit. This was to help with the album Songs for Survival which was the Survival International album. They have even done a song for Windows Vistas commercial for what they called the Mojave Experiment.

Since these latest developments, they have put out a third album. This album is titled Fight Softly which was put out on shelves as of March 2, 2010. Before that, they had written one song that was placed in the indie compilation of indie music titled Indiecater Volume 2. The song that they had submitted for them to use was called There are Birds. It has been said that these have helped them to really get their name out there to those who haven’t heard about them before. There are many who just love their music and wish they would put more out. The band says to give them time.

While this might not seem like they have accomplished a lot, for the band that they have just started, this is quite a bit of accomplishments. There are still more things that can be done and they are making every stride to do them. The fans that they already have just have to be patient and they will work their magic, but the fans and the band alike have all the confidence that this band will make it big. Just look at what they have already done so far. If you haven’t heard their music yet, it might be time for you to check them out.